January 12

Overview of Meeting: Winter Camping and Inclement weather situations will be covered. Review on personal management from nutrition to gear, weather, and patrol method during camping.

Troop 33 Meeting Plan

Time: 6:30 pm
Activity: Mentoring
Description: Scout Mentoring / Special Activities
Run by: SM and ASM
Time: 6:50 pm
Activity: Pre – Opening
Description: Scout Mentoring  / Special Activities
Run by: SM and ASM

Time: 7:00 pm (Recommended 5 minutes)
Activity: Opening Ceremony

  • Troop recites Scout Oath, Law, or other led by
  • Flag Ceremony by             patrol
  • Patrol roll call, Patrol flags, Patrol Yell, and brief inspection
  • Meeting agenda

Run by: SPL

Time: 7:10 pm (Recommended 25 minutes)
Activity: Skills Instructions/ Advancement

  • Trail to First Class or Patrol Activity:
  • Experienced Scouts Activity:
  • Older Scouts Activity:
  • Notes:

Run by: Adult and Scout Leaders

Time: 7:35 pm (Recommended 10 minutes)
Activity: Patrol Meeting

  • Plan menus (use Menu Planner) and equipment needs for upcoming campout
  • Advancement sign off by Patrol Leader

Run by: PL

Time: 7:50 pm (Recommended 20 minutes)
Activity: Inter-patrol Activity (game or skill event)

  • Activity
  • Backup activity
  • Notes:

Run by:

Time: 8:15 pm
Activity: Closing

  • Announcements:
  • Scoutmaster minute
  • Flag ceremony by patrol

Run by: SPL

Time: 8:25 pm
Activity: After the meeting

  • Pick up trash, return chairs, and clean rooms
  • Senior patrol leadership and Scoutmaster review meeting

Run by: ASPL

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