Certification Derby Race

Certification Pinewood Derby Race

pinewood derby cars

If your organization feels that direct competition isn’t the best way to instruct youth, we have a different service available to you. In this certification session, scouts race against the track and average track times for increasing certificates of skill mastery.

The Designer Ribbon is the lowest certificate. This ribbon is award for creating a car that completes a race without breaking such as wheels falling off and reaching end of the track. Concept of graphite for wheels and basic alignment are needed to accomplish this certificate.

After this ribbon, several different certification of accomplishment awards are possible to enhance the Designer ribbon.

The first of these awards is a Red Button to be added onto the original ribbon. This is awarded for creating a car that is chiseled and sculpted into a non-standard design. Creativity and carrying out a design into a working model are needed to accomplish this level.

certification completed ribbonThe second possible adornment is a Orange Button that recognizes understanding of painting the car and adding attachments such as Lego figurines. Adding final touches to a design is demonstrated by completing this step.

The third possible adornment is the Green Button that is given to cars that are the proper weight of 4.9 to 5 oz. Understanding how weights and placement of those weights can improve the speed is shown.

The fourth and final possible adornment is a Checkered Button that is given only to cars that exceed 250 scale miles per hour averaged over 3 races. This is a very high rate of speed and only cars that demonstrate a mastery of the relevant skills (or those copied from a how-to guide) will meet or exceed that speed.

Should a participant gain all 4 adornments the Participation ribbon will have a starting lights design in buttons to showcase skill mastery. Additional awards may be added by the pack/troop/renters for more advanced design concepts. This activity can be done as a group activity, parent youth activity, or class activity.

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