Science Derby Race

Science Pinewood Derby

This program is designed for two different age groups;  delineated by the use of math. The program is being developed and tested. The two lane rented for a week would allow for all kinds of options.

Possible Concepts Covered

Potential energy to kinetic energy: with one car getting a head start down the track by starting lower. This would be when to start using a metaphor like water between cups.

Math: teach m*g*delta(h); exercise: do a foot race to beat the cars.

Weight’s impact on racing: 2 cars one 10 oz the other 3 oz point result of mass Compare to pouring a little water vs a lot of water

Math: predict a 7oz car’s time given the 2 and 10 cars Exercise: Do a Jumping-Jack with a little one vs a big adult and hear how the floor shakes

Rotational Energy: Ball vs Car bring up the energy stored in the spinning of wheels

Math: Introduce formula for Rotational Inertia Exercise
Rotational Energy 2: Metal Ring vs Metal Puck: ask which one they believe is more likely
Math show equations. Exercise:

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