FAQ (frequently asked questions) about our track, race management software, and how races are run.

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How long is your 4 lane track?

The race track length is adjustable from 35 feet to 42 feet with a footprint from 33’11” to 42’11”. We adjust the length to the area the race area.
Track layout
Diagram from besttrack.com

How are races managed?

Grand Prix Race Management Software is used to run the race. This software allows us to run the race as you want from all cars racing together then a race off of the top places or run each group separately then a race off. The race times and placing are recorded. There are many other options available. If want something different than listed above, send us a message with the details.

What is a typical race like?

All cars are raced together. The software generates races with each car against the other cars using Perfect-N Type and Lane Rotation schedules. This allows each racer to race in each lane at random against other racers with the lowest time dropped. After all cars have raced, the time and placings of the top racers are reviewed. Then, these cars race off to determine the fastest car.

We do not usually use double or triple elimination due to concerns over race fairness. A main goal for a race is to provide a fair and fun race for all the racers.These type of competition is appropriate for some sports and situations. We would rather have youth race their car many times during the derby. Then, let the fastest cars be determined. If you really want this type of competition, please communicate this days before the race so a chart can be made.

How can we involve the racers in the race?

If pinewood derby carsyou are not concerned about racers touching their cars during the race, we can arrange the racers to be involved in the race. The system is as follows.  The current racers and racers on deck are shown on a large projector screen. Racers take their cars to the starting gate when their name is shown, head to the end gate, watch their car race, and then return their car to staging area. The racers on deck grab their cars while the current racers are being loaded. Once the current race is done, they start loading their cars and repeat the process. This system keeps the racers watching the screen for their name, watching other cars racing, participating in racing their car, and moving during the race. The system allows each heat to take about a minute. So, a 22 car race will take about 25 minutes for the first race off.

Could a car place second or first place in a heat but not make it to the final race off?

We look at the average race times and their placings throughout the race at the end of the first race. The final race off selects all cars that have won a race and average speed correlates. Please note, a car not properly lubricated with graphite could have one fast race then all others much slower. We look at the data to help spot this situation then work with race officials to determine what to do.




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