Summer Camp Lists and Forms

Summer camp is an exciting week full of activities, adventure, and challenges. Below are some of the forms needed for camp.

Medical form are needed per BSA. This includes both part A, B, and C. Many times physicians will complete part C during a school physical. If you do not complete all sections, the camp will send you home or to the nearest immediate care to complete the form. No exceptions.

Gear needed for camp – each type of campout requires specific gear for the best adventure to occur. Summer camp gear is focused on being ready for all kinds weather, merit badge work, and challenges.

Financial form for personal expenses during camp. This form has three options for Scouts to decide upon from the troop helping guide the expenditures of the Scout to the troop holding the money for safe keeping. This form is optional. The least amount of money in camp is best. The troop will lock up the money in a safe area such as a building or car to prevent loss such as dropping the money while heading to the trading post.

What funds to Scouts need during camp? There may be additional costs for a merit badge class to buy a kit, additional shooting time, or buying treats at the trading post. The trading posts has sweets, treats, and some supplies.

Medical Form

Packing list

Financial Personal Form

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