Troop History

Troop 33 has served the youth of Boise’s community for over 75 years with a focus on learning values, citizenship, and leadership. Our chartering organization over the many years has been First Presbyterian Church of Boise.

Records at First Presbyterian Church indicate an active troop from 1915 to 1923 with the troop listed as troop 1. After this year, there is a gap in the records. The story of the gap is the troop did not have enough youth to maintain a troop due to World War One. A generation of youth was lost. A few year latter, the troop re charted. Boy Scouts of America changed the troop number to 3. During some BSA council reorganization, troop 3 was changed to troop 33. The year this occurred is not clear. The new 3 was suppose to designate area 3.

Over the years, the troop has won many awards and received many recognition from community service, citizenship, and scouting. Here are some of the list:Willow Creek Michael

  • Willow Creek award and placement over the years including 1995 3rd Place, 2006 5th Place, 2008 5th Place, 2010 5th Place, and 2011 4th Place
  • Medicine Mountain White Buffalo Award
  • Melita Island Service Award
  • Camp Grizzly Honor Unit
  • Woods Man Honor Award

If you know more or would like to share a story from your years involved with the troop, please email the troop.

Medicine Mountain Ranch South Dakota

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