Eagle Projects

A Few Past Eagle Projects

Drake’s Eagle Project – Part One

seed sorting

All of the bags of seeds were sorted in these drying trays. Then, stacked for a few days before being sorted.
Drake's Eagle

Galen’s Eagle project

message from Galen

Thanks for helping me with my Eagle Project. Without your help, this project would never have been successful. The time you spent working on the grill, counter, phone, and table were very important to the success of my drive. I had 44 people successfully donate and 65 walk through the door. My goal was to either have 45 successful donors or 60 people come in to try and donate. The Red Cross has declared my project a success. Thank you very much! Boise needs 250 units of blood every day to keep up with the demand.

Thanks for your help, Galen Grantham
Way to go Galen!
Galen's Eagle project


Jim’s Eagle project

September 12 and 19th Jim had members of the community, FPC members, Troop 33, and supporters of The Bridge help build the play area and structure for a Idaho Foster Care Home. The bark has been delivered. Way to go!

Click play to see KTVB’s video of the project


playgroundJim's Eagle project

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