Last Meetings Notes

I sent another invite to this Saturday’s National Camp-in. A day full of fun activities. Go to to sign-up and more details.

Simon Kenton Council BSA is offering a huge selection of merit badges – 7 pages to select from. Registration for next weeks starts today with limited slots. See attached catalog for the listings. Go to for more details. Cost is $5. If you want to use your tree money, the troop will reimburse you the cost of the classes.What a great opportunity!

The troop’s will be working on Family Life merit badge. Scout’s should be creating a chore list to do for the next 90 days with a way of recording it. More to follow.

Next weeks cooking challenge is baking. Looking for some creativity of item created. Fancy cake or cup cakes? Have some fun and send me pictures.

The upcoming weeks schedule has been updated in to May. We are adjusting activities and plans as the situation changes.

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