Upcoming Events in November, December, and Next Year

November has a number of events. Scouting for Food, Leadership Training, Tree Lot Set-up, Tree unloading, and Tree Sales. The newsletter, Google calendar, and Scoutbook.com has further details. games at Camp Meriwether

December Annual planning meeting has been moved to December 13th from 6:00 to 7:00 pm. The annual pinewood derby race follows the meeting. See Scoutbook.com for race details.

Next years calendar is beginning to be filled in from summer camps and Court of Honors. Please look over the possible dates of events. At the annual planning meeting, bring your ideas, any needed changes, and personal calendars to finish up the schedule

    Some upcoming adventures include:

  • Winter campout January
  • Family winter campout February 18-20th
  • Spring Break March 27 to 31 adventure
  • Willow Creek 2017 in August
  • Camp Wilson in May
  • Camp Meriwether July 1st to July 8th (summer camp)
  • Backpacking August 3rd to 7th

This is just a few of the many upcoming monthly activities! Then, there is the weekly meeting activities.

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