Eclipse Campout

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The troop will be heading up to Art’s cabin for the eclipse. Group one will head out Saturday with the Pack. Group two will be heading out Sunday. A bunch of activities are planned for the weekend. Our camp site is less than 5 miles from the line of totality – very close.  The location by NASA will have around 2 minutes and 9 seconds of totality. And, we will working on the BSA eclipse award.

Summer Camp

The troop will be heading to Camp Meriwether on July 1st.  Travel details to be announced during June’s Court of Honor.

June 6th during the meeting, sign-up for merit badges will occur.

Cost is $300 unless assisted in one of the fundraisers then the cost is reduced by amount of work completed.

Don’t forget to complete part C of the medical forms.

Camp Meriwether is on the Oregon coast with beach front property on the Pacific Ocean,  a lake in the camp for aquatic activities, a unique selection of merit badges such as oceanography, a great program of merit badges / activities, and so much more for fantastic week at summer camp.

June’s Adventure

June’s campout is full of activities from exploring Craters of the Moon  National Monument, area around, a short over night backpacking trip, and visiting EBR-1 nuclear reactor. Please sign-up in or send Brian a message.

On June 6th, bring your gear to be checked. During the meeting, final details of the adventure will be provided.


Pinewood Derby Races – Help Need

The troop needs your help for two pinewood derby races in June.  Activities include setting up and taking down the track, running of the race, and  assistance in a successful event. The proceeds to these events will help pay for summer camp.

June 3 6 pm to 8 pm
5892 W Hidden Springs Dr, Boise, ID 83714
Outside of the Mercantile

June 23 5 pm to 8 pm
Calvary Chapel
123 S Auto Dr Boise ID 83709

Upcoming Events in November, December, and Next Year

November has a number of events. Scouting for Food, Leadership Training, Tree Lot Set-up, Tree unloading, and Tree Sales. The newsletter, Google calendar, and has further details. games at Camp Meriwether

December Annual planning meeting has been moved to December 13th from 6:00 to 7:00 pm. The annual pinewood derby race follows the meeting. See for race details.

Next years calendar is beginning to be filled in from summer camps and Court of Honors. Please look over the possible dates of events. At the annual planning meeting, bring your ideas, any needed changes, and personal calendars to finish up the schedule

    Some upcoming adventures include:

  • Winter campout January
  • Family winter campout February 18-20th
  • Spring Break March 27 to 31 adventure
  • Willow Creek 2017 in August
  • Camp Wilson in May
  • Camp Meriwether July 1st to July 8th (summer camp)
  • Backpacking August 3rd to 7th

This is just a few of the many upcoming monthly activities! Then, there is the weekly meeting activities.