Eagle Project October 10th and 17th

I am planning my Eagle Project on the Saturdays of October 10th and 17th. We will be rebuilding an old bird blind at the MK Nature Center on Walnut Street.

October 10th starting at 10 am at the front entrance of the MK Nature Center, we will be tearing down the old bird blind.

October 17th we will be meeting at 10 again to rebuilt the bird blind.

Make sure to bring your own water bottle, lunch and working gloves. We will provide extra water and snacks.

Look forward to working with you guys on this community project!

-Max Palmer

Summer Camp 2020

The troop’s had an awesome time over the last week holding our own summer camp. Thanks to the Cooper Family for use of the property and for a wonder event.

Summer Camp 2020 Modified

A message from the council: “Due to COVID-19, we are disappointed to inform you of the 2020 suspension of Camp Morrison, Camp Bradley, the Salmon River High Adventure Base, Webelos Woods, Cub Resident Camp, Day Camps and other activities and programs scheduled for units that are scheduled on camp properties of the Mountain West Council. This unanimous decision was made on May 20 by our Council’s Executive Committee after a very through discussion. “

Based on the suspension of Camp Morrison, Troop 33 will be exploring and planning an alternate activity within the CDC and BSA National guidelines. Stay tuned for more information.

Last Meetings Notes

I sent another invite to this Saturday’s National Camp-in. A day full of fun activities. Go to https://www.scouting.org/campin/ to sign-up and more details.

Simon Kenton Council BSA is offering a huge selection of merit badges – 7 pages to select from. Registration for next weeks starts today with limited slots. See attached catalog for the listings. Go to https://scoutingevent.com/441-2020SKC_MBClinic_Online for more details. Cost is $5. If you want to use your tree money, the troop will reimburse you the cost of the classes.What a great opportunity!

The troop’s will be working on Family Life merit badge. Scout’s should be creating a chore list to do for the next 90 days with a way of recording it. More to follow.

Next weeks cooking challenge is baking. Looking for some creativity of item created. Fancy cake or cup cakes? Have some fun and send me pictures.

The upcoming weeks schedule has been updated in to May. We are adjusting activities and plans as the situation changes.

April 14th Meeting Notes

Is your cyber chip current? Check out https://www.scouting.org/training/youth-protection/cyber-chip/ then select your Grade to see your requirements. Once done, send me a message. The chip expires annually.

BSA National has listed temporary requirements for advancement. See the troop’s web site for more information; http://boisetroop33.org/, and a link to the full site.

Summer camp merit badges. I have only received one reply back. Please send me your choices ranked one through ten.

A special thanks to Mrs. Franki Goodman of Ohio on holding a merit badge class during last Tuesday’s meeting. To finish up the Public Health merit badge, I need confirmation that you watched the waste water plant virtual tour. And, visit with a leader or email requirements 7b.b. and 8. See below.
7. With your parent’s and counselor’s approval, do the following:
b. Familiarize yourself with your city, county, or state health agency’s website.
After completing either 7a or 7b, do the following:
i. Compare the four leading causes of mortality (death) in your community for any of the past five years with the four leading causes of disease in your community. Explain how the public health agency you visited is trying to reduce the mortality and morbidity rates of these leading causes of illness and death.
ii. Explain the role of your health agency as it relates to the outbreak of diseases.
iii. Discuss the kinds of public assistance the agency is able to provide in case of disasters such as floods, storms, tornadoes, earthquakes, and other acts of destruction. Your discussion can include the cleanup necessary after the disaster.
8. Pick a profession in the public health sector that interests you. Find out the education, training, and experience required to work in this profession. Discuss what you learn with your counselor.
Some Resources:

How’s the cooking and exercising going? Would you like to meet on-line with David and I to complete requirements? Please send me updates.